A FREE rescue service on the Gold Coast for injured swans and pelicans.

Also any species of bird that is hooked or entangled in fishing line

Call Rowley, 0438-823100, 6am-9pm, 7 days

For help with ALL other birds phone RSPCA on 1-300-264625

Get Help for Injured Native Wildlife?

To get help for ALL other injured native birds and wildlife call

RSPCA, 1-300-ANIMAL (1-300-264625) 24/7, or
WILDCARE, 07–5527 2444, 24/7

Have You Caught an Injured Native Bird?

Take the bird to any local vet and it will be assessed for free. For comprehensive free treatment take it to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, 24 Millers Dr, Currumbin 07–55340813 (8am-5pm, 7 days)

After Hours Vets: AEC Varsity Lakes, 07-55934544, or AES Carrara 07-56998809